Light side of design
LITO is a design-studio that aspires to be on the Light side.

Which means we would like to spread our native good – noble and graceful design that supports and evolves a human and helps to cultivate only light and kind merits.

This idea appeared as we started to notice that most of the times design felt as strong and memorable when coming from evil. Evil turns over, perverts, distorts or even mocks but finally it may look tellingly, creative and trendy making a solid imprint in people’s mind. This way is not for us.

We get up client’s product in a good faith by finding its main power, dressing it in
a suitable form and combining behavior, sound, and appearance into the organic whole brand.

Modern “angry” design became a synonym of the professionalism. But we want to present an alternative to the “angry” professionalism – a kind professionalism. Our aim is not to only give to our client a ready explosive design carrier, but to make a holistic image of company based on its inner essence. This way the client can go to the market confidently with an exact knowledge of what he brings to his audience.

We are in a truthful believe that LITO studio is the space giving birth to light designs ennoble both company and its clients.





To help you understand what media can be done for your brand and what problems it can solve.

- Analysis -
- Problem-solving -
- Art Direction -


To figure out what company should do to make the product and it’s positioning better.

- Product Launch -
- Strategy -


To understand what your brand should be like.

- Direction -
- Communication -
- Naming system -
- Slogans -


Brand design materials (Branding/Packaging) and Digital (Website/Social media).

- Graphic Design Logo -
- Branding -
- Brand Book -
- Print and Digital materials -
- Packaging Design -
- Web Design -
- Web content style -


Continuously supporting your brand and providingremote staffing.

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